XesRay Fight For Glory 1/12 6inches Action Figure Combatants Wave 4 Roman Trio

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Product Description:
After the emperor was assassinated, the barbarians in the north began to stir. They no longer yielded or paid tribute to the empire, and assembled a large army in a short time. And in the East, a warlord calling himself the descendants of Achaemenid rose and tried to cross the Black Sea.

XesRay Fight For Glory Combatants Wave 4 Roman Trio
Marcus Marius Avitus, Rank: Centurion
Aulus Camelius Trupo, Rank: Signifer
Roman Infantry

Product Material:Made of plastic

6 inches 1/12 Scale
Highly articulated
Customizable figures
Create a battleground on your shelf
Package Included:
Figure with Accessories(Original Blister Box)
Children Under 3

This toy is not suitable for ages under 3
years. It contains one or more of the following items marbles; small ball; or small parts.

Customer Reviews

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Matt Linton
Xesray roman combatants

Incredibly fast delivery with everything arriving in mint condition.
These figures are incredible works of art.

David Kahn
Great Service and Pricing with Fast Delivery

The product from Alinna Toys arrived very quickly and was the best pricing available. Excellent store.

Andreas Düker
XesRay Fight For Glory 1/12 6inches Action Figure Combatants Wave 4 Roman Centurian

The centurian from Xesray is a cool and well detailed action figure. By comparison to the gladiator figures from wave 1 and 2 the roman figures are very convenient. I used the roman centurian for customising him in an roman scissor gladiator, looks very coll.